Monday, 6 June 2011



In the name of Allah, Most Graceful and Most Merciful

I'm currently trying to memorize my SOOCA cases but I'm stuck with the laptop. So, mama said make something good with the technology. share the cases with others. So, here goes nothing!


  • Right: liver, duodenum, ascending colon
  • Left: stomach, jejunum, spleen, descending colon

General anatomy:
  • 2 kidneys, retroperitoneal
  • level at T12 - L3, covered with renal fascia
  • bean-shaped
  • surrounded by fibrous capsule within perirenal fat

3 plexus:
  • intrarenal (in substance of kidney)
  • subcapsular (under fibrous capsule)
  • perirenal (in perirenal fat)
  • Artery
- Anterior: Superior segmental, Anterosuperior segmental, Anteroinferior segmental, Inferior segmental
- Posterior: Posterior segmental
  • Vein: Right and left renal vein drains into IVC
- receives Left suprarenal vein, Left gonadal vein and communication with ascending lumbar vein

  • Renal nerve plexus: sympathetic and parasympathetic


Renal corpuscle
  • bowman's capsule:
- visceral (inner) : podocyte, pedicles
- parietal (outer) : simple squamous
  • glomerulus
* endothelial cells: fenestrated
* basement membrane : proteoglycan
* epithelial : podocyte
* mesangial cells : contractile properties

proximal convoluted tubule

  • cuboidal / low columnar
  • many microvilli

distal convoluted tubule

  • simple cuboidal
  • contain macula densa

loop of Henle

  • thick and thin descending loop : squamous epi
  • thick and thin ascending loop : simple cuboidal epi

collecting tubule and duct
  • cuboidal epi

juxtaglomerular apparatus

  • modified smooth mucle cells
  • afferent arterioles: produce renin

Kidney Circulation
  • Artery: Renal - segmental - interlobar - arcuate - interlobular - afferent arterioles - glomerular capillaries
  • Vein : Afferent arterioles - peripheral capillary - interlobular - arcuate - interlobar - segmental - renal vein
okay dah malas type. trying to memorize these and 4 other cases for today. Pray for me people!

* 14 cases. less than 5 days. I'm sooooo dead!

** pray for eightcellent, people!

*** the family is on vacation to Kota Kinabalu and I'm stuck here, having the worst week of my life! *jealous*

**** mama! nak penyu sekoq!

***** adik: mama is buying your stuff right now. YEAY!

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