Saturday, 4 July 2009


ohana means family. family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten. -lilo&stitch-

that's my ba n ma over there. muahx!

let the sms do the talking. [wink]

MAMA : salam, how r u? Sgr lvl? I've read ur blog n its really touch my heart.

AIZA : Im fine. agak sedih, tp ok je. sugar lvl ok. whch part u read?

All, sedih? why?

bcause most of them went back today n im all alone here. feeling so useless T.T

Pls dont. ingatlah ape jua yg berlaku, mesti ade hikmahnye n allah will b with us always. as per ur blog, u r not alone. thus cheer up love. stay cool n b positive always.

thanks ma!

really, thnks ma! me text ngn mama kakak nanges. bxause i was so touched. i know u were always there, no matter what

later tht day

BABA: Ahh....ha!!.. u r readin' a msg generated fr Nokia E71. how abt that?.. ur old man has upgraded his cellular... now u can send me mms, vid clip, bla bla... got 3G u know. just dont b jelessss....

xjeles. then u can 3G me now. cpt!

eksen... but dear, ur oldman as always a bit lembab with d gadget. well, dont know how to use lohhh.. pathetic..! aint it? gimme few days lohh, 2 study d manual... after all 3G not registered yet. he he he.... just excited 2 show off onny.

haha. ur funny. showoff! hahaha

that is so my dad. u know what? i laughed. after all those fake laughs, i actually really laugh today. thanks ba. u complete my day :)

how can i not be daddy's and mommy's daughter with great parents like u guys? say what ever u want people, because i know my family will always be there for me. because i'm not left behind nor forgotten

the whole family excluding amier (he took the pic) with cik ma, nini, nani n mok :)


chef hasyimah said...

sangat touching~
syg nya
aq bukan jenis
ber"syg2" ni
hidup mama n baba aiza!
ha ha ha
mak cik; pak cik!
syg syg kalian jgk :p
mencapub jap...

Fiqa said...

ddk abroad mesti rindu gile..
parents yg penyayang.

parents read ur blog.. ooo....

penyu said...

chef: haha. syg menyayang amalan mulia bebeh!

fiqa: mmg sgt rindu. huu~ yep, my parents do read my blog. happy~

EviL naQi said...

huhu~ different...

penyu said...

pe yg different naqiy??

miss susi said...

kamu ni mmg really manja la syg..
owez talk bout ur mama n baba..nway,dats good..i really miss hommy mama not feeling well..lagi la sedey..i wanna be beside mama rite now... =`(

penyu said...

kan da ckp, aiza manja.. heh

bell said...

aiza, i cried. ur parents comel gilaa~

i miss you.

bell oke. just gila je smalam.

bunyi cengkerik je bell dgr.

tapi ne da oke kot. nanti bell buat lawak lagi k?

penyu said...

dont cry dear. me miss u too. jgn sedih2 k? senyum~~

nara_deyla said...

wah..manjenya kamu...same mcm i..he3...nice to know mmbr jaa..follow me..