Wednesday, 15 July 2009

THE award :D


1. Copy the badge into your blog.
2. State 5 interesting facts about the tagger.
3. State 10 hobbies/facts about yourself.
4. Choose 5 bloggers to receive the award and describe about them.

A dear friend of mine, NURUL FARRAH DINA tagged me :D thanks for the award dina. syg dina!!

Okay2. let's get down to business shall we?


1. where should I start? She has the sweetest smile I've ever see. keep smiling darl! I guess this is the reason why one fall for you :D

2. She can be very quite to others but she can be very LOUD to her dearest, ain't you dina? hehe. Rindu nak gossip2 macam dulu lagi la dina.. huhu

3. This girl is a genius I say! Ask her anything, she'll definitely give you the best answer! go dina!

4. Thanks to dina (and hanes) my mom gave me the permission to go out! hah! eventhough I'm not the type that hangs out a lot. malas la~ dok umah tgk tv lagi besh! heh

5. The only one from SBU that send me off to indonesia. waaa~ terharu sgt dina dtg!! da la hamidah cannot make it. mmg sgt2 terharu. lagi2 tgk ttbe dina nanges. waaaa~~~~~


10 Facts about DrPenyu :)

#1 ainal says: lucu ar mung ni za!

#2 epo says: ko ni baek sgt~

#3 ros says: awat aiza asek ketawa je?

#4 buchelz says: tomboy banget deh kamu za! hehe

#5 manda says: aiza, kamar sunyi deh kamu pada sering ga ada. aku jd kangen~

#6 I cant' stop talking once I started. haha *ecah kato aiza ngarot kok se jah*

#7 At times I tried to act matured but I ended up look silly *jiha kate toksah le bajet matang. ko mmg xmatang la. adeyh~*

#8 I am very sensitive. serious! *hasanah: sensitip gak ek ko ni za*

#9 They called me penyu *naeim: ko ngn bagpack ko ni, xubah cm penyu!*

#10 For the time being, I'm trying my very best to be a better person :)

ok done! sekarang tag org pulak. yeehaaA~~

I'd like them to have this award ^^

.chef nurhasyimah hamzah.
.ros zayanah johari ahmad zukni.
.khairul naqiyuddin abd rahim.
.yang ainoor ab karim.
.fitrilina mustapha.


-0n3- said...

hehehe...kalau x jantung ini yg menahan debaran jumpe encik abdul wahid,xde la clasmate sbu awk hntr g klia tau...hehe...but no worries...mmg niat nk teman die hntr awk...:D..tu je..:P

penyu said...

yeke?? jap. da jmpe encik wahid?? waaaa!!!! gler dasat! haha. thanks though. really appreciate it. terharu jmpe dina. wuu~~ time kaseh one!!

EviL naQi said...

wah~ sy dpt award... tq3~