Sunday, 3 May 2009

what a day

today is sunday. supposedly sunday is the bestest day. it used to be the day where i spent my time on the lovely bed, either studying, sleeping or watching movies. but today, the routine changed. everything turns the other way round. sunday is no longer my fav day of the week. i don't even have a proper meal * i'm so dead if mama knew this. shhh*

let's start with yesterday night, before i go to sleep. after a very tiring day, (in the morning i attended a seminar called Comparative religion or COMREL for short, then after that i rushed to bale 1 to practice choir for Malam Hurul Ain *malam bidadari* before heading to JATOS for the real thing) i finally decided to call it off for the day. after a few minutes of i-cant-sleep-because-i-have-report-to-submit-tomorrow-but-im-very-tired (almost an hour i can say), i finally fell asleep.

when i woke up, the sun was already rising high above Mount Geulis (this mountain is located not far from the bale). i sprang off my bed and start working on the report which i have to submit later of the day. with nothing for breakfast, i started to press the keyboard. after scribbling and rewriting the report, the report was finally done. i was shocked to see the time was already 12pm! the meeting was at 1. i haven't prepare myself, not mentioning the breakfast i skipped earlier. rushing to clean up myself so that i can make it in time for the meeting, i decided to order kuey teow ayam from indra. after about an hour of waiting, the food didn't showed up. the-very-hungry-but-there's-no-time-left girl was forced to make pop mie. and yes, that was all she had for lunch T.T

pop mie rasa bakso spesial

i was very weak at that time. no rice for a day. what a record! wado invited me to tag along with jiha, epo and herself to go and check out our lovely little house in cikuda but i was tired and weak i didn't follow them although it has been ages since i visited the small little yellow house. sorry guys! penat sgt ar. xlarat gler

ni bukan rumah kami. hehe~

haish2. bler da penat cni, study pn xbole. n guess wht? i'll be having pop mie again for dinner. its bad i know but what else can i do? i need to consume some food but the cafe is closed so no proper food today.

alhamdulillah. atleast i got pop mie to eat. cbe fikerkan org2 lain yg susah kat luar tu. yang xmmpu nk makan. lagi la. i read an entry by a senior (entry yg menarik kak noddy!), telling how an old man asking a bowl of soup from a bakso seller to gain some energy. sedih kn?

* i'll talk about COMREL later. siyes sgt best! syabas KUBI! syabas abg aji. hebat ar! buat ar lagi. lamer sket. i dont mind paying more. sbb sgt3 besh! wee~~

** MAHA pn best jgk. pnt, yes i admit tp ok la. even batch laen pn puji dgn usaha cik Bella dan rakan2. yeay!

*** bersyukur dgn apa yg ader. wlpun hanya pop mie:)


Anonymous said...

pen2! mcm ni abg pon nk mrh ni! haih bdkni laa~~~~~

kwn2 kn ada bole tolong suruh belikan mknn? hmm...if bz buat keje,jgnla sampai lupe nk la jugak. order mknn awal2 lenkali ek? patut takde td,popo ckp ade meeting tp die dh balik aiza tak balik lg plak.

hmm,cian die mkn maggi je satu hari. haih~~
lenkali jgn wat lg k? tau? tau?

psenk said...

naper still skip makan.?
xkesian ke kat mama?
risaw dier nnt

ally; said...

aiza! hehe. bleh je nk linkk. tp name tuuu alyana syakirin laaaaa! ahux ;)

idsyAleeya said...

cik aiza;)
laen kali xpyh mkn pop mie..
sy bole belikn ye..
xpe la sekali sekale menyushkan ak..
bole ak cri phale ckit..

p/s: nm penuh ko letk nm ak eh..

Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

Tuah slalu ter'skip' mkn,
tp kadang2 ter'over' mkn,
bkn sbb xlapar o mls tp alasannya xde masa o xsempat,
but, busy bkn alasan utk menidakkn hak tubuh bdn kita,
so, jgn zalimi diri sndri (nasihat pd Tuah jg)...